Just A Little Assistance - Riding Handicap Chairs

Just a Little Assistance would like to give Jim from Burlington Kroger a big shoutout for always making sure the riding handicap chairs are plugged in and charged for everyone to use.


  • Remember it’s cold and flu season always disinfect the handle of the carts and the seats.
  • Also check to make sure your battery is full you surely would hate to be in middle of the store with a dead battery.

Please be kind in case Jim has the day off and make sure you plug it back in. Thanks Jim you’re awesome.

How to Plan Your Shopping Trip to Save Energy and Time

Start with a new list on the refrigerate when you get home from shopping. Don’t wait till the day you have to shop. You will always forget something and end up stressing out. I know I do. It might take a little time up front, but if you know the things that you always need it will save you time in energy on your routine trips!

Make a List on Your Computer

Make a list on your computer with these things on it. Place them in order of the store and leave blanks to fill in other things. Print a couple copies off at a time.  If you are unsure what isle the things you need are in you can pick up a store floor plan from the service desk. This will also help you stay on a budget.

Digital Coupons

Try using digital coupons they take a lot less time, less mess to clean up and you won’t forget them at home.


When parking, try parking next to the cart rack with your trunk facing the aisle. This way you can grab a cart and when you are finished your trunk is right there and you can just replace the cart with having to walk it all the way back.

Perishables First

When you are at the cash register place you perishable up first and have them bagged in a different bag then you nonperishable. This way if you are too tired, you only need to take the perishable things in the house.

I hope these tips find you well rested.